About this project

This a presentation website with the scope of presenting a little bit of the skills we master. If anything looks nice and functions well in our projects is because we work as team. For more information please check the profiles and blog posts.

Claudiu Remenyi

About me: Eager to learn and discover new things. Passionate about programming and solving/implementing complex logic where needs be. Python is my go to language since 2017, Java for microservices since 2019, and JavaScript for scripting since 2019.

Skills: Programming languages: python, java and javascript; webservers: nginx; app as service: WSGI, Gunicorn; databases: SQL; searchengines: elasticsearch; webservices: django, Flask, wagtail, requests, springboot; natural language processing: gensim, spacy; automation: file manipulation, webscrapping, image extraction from documents, etc

Social: linkedin

Email: remenyic@gmail.com

Tiberiu Remenyi

About me: Passionate about creating and implementing desings for web aplications. Started with python in 2017 with a wide range of applications, and JavaScript and other markup languages in 2018, frontend being my field of choice.

Skills: Python, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Social: linkedin

Email: remstar098@gmail.com